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It's hard to keep track of who's on our call because people are often "popping in" and "dropping off." It gets tiring to ask "Who just joined?" or "Who just left?" or "OK, who's on the call now?". Can you help?

Audio Conferencing: SecureConnect

You've secured your building, data network, employee files and computers, why not your audio conference calls?

Your executives have had the same audio conferencing codes for years, how many ex-employees know the participation code for the weekly staff call?

How do you tell with absolute certainty who is listening to sensitive audio conferencing corporate calls?

A SecureConnect conference is a Reservationless (meet me) conference that has additional security features. With this service all participants that you designate to be on the call receive a unique security pin that identifies them specifically. When an employee leaves the organization the unique security pin is canceled instead of the entire user account.

How we keep your call secure:

Each participant dials in to the call with their unique secure conference identification number followed by the participant code. Their unique secure conference identification number will identify them in the system and will automatically recognize the name associated with the conference.

The Moderator of the conference will dial in to the call with their unique conference pin followed by the moderator code.

This service is a highly secure conference that can be configured to meet your needs.

  • Use one time or for weekly calls
  • Post call report via email with a list of all participants' names
  • Operators available 24x7 for assistance
  • Easy to update your participant list
  • Reservationless (meet me) conferences can happen anytime.
  • High level of security
Who should you use SecureConnect?
  • Executives - Do you know who is listening?
  • Marketing - Is the competition on your product development calls?
  • Finance - Who would benefit from insider information?
  • HR - Who has access to the salary reviews?
  • Legal - When security is paramount.

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