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Will others be able to use my conference number without my permission?

Audio Conferencing: Operator Assisted

Enhance your call with the assistance of one of our operators and the technology of our advanced service platform. Features include:
  • Leader-View on-line interface to your call. Allows you to view who's on line and can be used to manage on-line questions and polling.
  • Call Notification means you can have THT Web Worldwide call all of your planned participants and make them aware of the call.
  • Event Registration allows you to collect information, using our operators, on your participants (Name, Email, number, etc.) as they join the call.
  • Polling allows you to survey your participants via the use of their keypads in real time.
  • Live Streaming is available because our advanced platform is integrated into the Internet. TownHall enables your company to send a streaming broadcast of your event around the globe in real time.
  • Sub-Conference capability gives selected members of the call the ability to go "offline" or if you simply need to speak offline with the operator who is assisting you with your call.
  • Fax broadcast information to all meeting participants.
  • Fax list of attendees after the call for your use.
  • Record your call for online playback and/or burn it to a CD.
  • Transcription service is available and creates a written document out of your call.
With a robust offering of features and enhancements, TownHall's Operator Assisted conferencing is the best way to create the impact of an effectively coordinated event. Your conference will be more professional, interactive and engaging.

When you want to have an event vs. a call... Use TownHall!

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