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Will others be able to use my conference number without my permission?

Audio Conferencing: Managed Event / IR

Want to ensure that your event conference will start smoothly and on time? Looking for the convenience of an automated call while still getting the benefits of a full service event?

Managed Event offers the customization of a large-scale event call with the convenience of automated conferencing. Participants join your conference call by entering a passcode, eliminating the need for an operator to connect them to your event. By streamlining the entry process, Managed Event reduces hold times. Plus, you can select from over 40 features to tailor each Managed Event to your business communication needs.

When should you use Managed Event?
  • Host a company-wide quarterly review call and get everyone into the call and up to speed with no delays
  • Use Managed Event Registration before your call and automatically collect information about your attendees as they enter the conference
  • Streamline entry into your conference with permanent Leader and Participant Dial-In Numbers to begin the call quickly and efficiently

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