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Audio Conferencing: Event Packages
Maximizing the impact of your high-profile calls

TownHall's Event Packages provide you with three conferencing solutions. Our Silver, Gold and Platinum packages help you simplify the planning process - your TownHall Event Team focuses on the demands of your event so that you can focus on the message. For more information, call (866) 633-8453.

Platinum – As the ultimate in Event Conferencing, TownHall's Platinum Package offers you the ability to deliver slide presentations over the web. Because pictures are worth 1,000 words, your slides will deliver complex information quickly and clearly. The Platinum Packages offers 11 additional valuable services to ensure maximum impact of your event. It is ideal for employee and medical training, product releases, and much more.

Gold –TownHall's Gold Package includes all the great audio conferencing solutions found in the Silver package, plus the power and reach of streaming, a transcription of the call for press release sound bytes, and a tape of the call for your records. When you need to broadcast your message to the world in additional to hosting a flawless event, the Gold Package is ideal. It's perfect for Investor Relations and other public events.

Silver – The Silver Package offers all the essential tools to run a high impact conference call. You have access to event tools like Leader-View to help you manage Q&A and Encore Replay for those who could not attend the call live. As with all Event Calls, your conference will be managed by experts and adhere to stringent levels of quality and service.

Package Includes Platinum Gold Silver
60 minutes of audio conferencing X X X
Leader-View X X X
Encore toll-free replay telephone access X X X
Encore Report of participants X X X
Facts Complete participant report X X X
Cassette Tape OR CD documentation X X X
48-hour turnaround call transcription X X  
Streaming Audio Live X X  
Streaming Audio Archive X X  
Streaming and Slides Live X    
Streaming and Slides Archive X    
Broadcast (email OR fax) X    

Features and Options Platinum Gold Silver
Event Services Reservation Line (866) 633-8453
Walk-Through X X X
Pre-Call Subconference X X X
Private Communication Line X X X
Q&A Session X X X
Call Management Specialist X X X
Event Services Expert Operators X X X

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