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I am an attorney who needs to keep track of my clients so I can be sure to bill accurately for my services. How can you help?

Audio Conferencing: Leader-View

Think about your high-profile calls ... Would it simplify your business if you had the ability to actually see who is on your call and know ahead of time which guests are waiting to ask questions? How would you like to know which key participants are on the line before you start your conference?

Leader-View from TownHall allows you to do just that! Don't sit in the dark anymore – let Leader-View help you manage your audience. You will be ensured a smooth, secure meeting.

For more information about this service, contact TownHall.

When should you use Leader-View?
Virtually any Event Call is more effective with Leader-View, including:
Investor Relations Calls – manage your conference attendance and Q&A session in full compliance with RegFD.

Product Launches – make sure all of your participants are present before breaking the big news.

Press Conferences – prioritize your Q&A queue to ensure that key questions are taken first.

Distance Learning Sessions – keep track of who left the call early for later follow-up on issues that were missed.
How does it work?
Leader-View’s simple web-based conference interface gives you a private, real-time view of your call’s participant information. Everything you need is on your screen, including Q&A Queue Control, Chat and List Downloads and much more. Respond quickly and make better decisions with a few clicks of your mouse.

Does it require special equipment?
You only need a PC with Microsoft Explorer™ 5.0 (or higher) or Netscape Navigator/Communicator™ 6.0 (or higher).

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