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Audio Conferencing: Investor Relations Call

Imagine preparing for your quarterly Investor Relations conference call. There are people to contact, arrangements to be made, and information to be disseminated. Let Investor Relations Call help you pull it together.

Investor Relations Call specializes in satisfying your specific Investor Relations conference call needs and understands the critical importance of your financial events and RegFD. Investor Relations Call directs and implements your corporate Investor Relations conferences so you can focus on the message, not the method of delivery.

Your customer's expectation level for information is dramatically increasing. As a part of our Event Services Division, IRcall delivers expert service and unmatched attention to detail. Our Event Experts are trained to provide quality, consistency and complete satisfaction.

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Enhance your Investor Relations Call
Select from a host of conference enhancements. Our most popular features include:
Leader-View A web-based tool that allows you to view in real-time the participants who are on the call. This feature provides you with the ability to screen and prioritize a question and answer session.

Streaming Broadcast your investor relations call over the Internet and have it archived. A link to your stream can be posted on your web site for public access or sent to those who have missed the call.

Call Record Option Increase the reach of your conference by digitally recording your call for those who were unable to attend it live. Encore is accessible via a toll or toll-free number for easy 24/7 retrieval.

Communication Line The call leader's representative can communicate with the lead Operator outside of the conference to give timing cues, screen participants, or manage other "behind the scenes" issues throughout the call.
A complete range of Investor Relations Call options are available to make the most of your event.

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