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Top Ten Signs You're Dumb

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Help Wanted - Major Account Managers

Web Conferencing Tips - Keep slides simple.


Top Ten Signs You're Dumb

10. You stopped watching wrestling because it's too complicated

9. The hot beverage warning on Starbucks cups mentions you by name

8. On census form you count yourself plus the guy in the mirror

7. You augment your income by photocopying quarters

6. As a special treat you take yourself to Jiffy Lube and you don't own a car

5. Fear of injury keeps you from using a comb

4. Just spent two hours trying to improve the reception on your microwave

3. According to you, this week American King Fidel Castro got on a spaceship, went to the planet of Cuba and met with dictator Jimmy Connors

2. You're a NHL season-ticket holder

1. You don't send your customers to THTWeb for all their conferencing needs!


Some of the largest companies are encouraging telecommuting, shouldn't all outside sales professionals be remote workers?

It was just reported that worker's in Maryland average one of the longest commutes in the country. For outside sales executives, wouldn't it be a better use of time to work out of a home office? Tell us what you think?

Happy Selling!

Jeff Lutton
Vice-President, THTWeb
[email protected]

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  • Help Wanted - Major Account Managers
  • As a Major Account Manager, the focus is on business-to-business selling to new clients as well as upgrading existing clients. New revenue generation is key through consultative type selling to mid-large business customers. The ideal candidate must be a highly motivated self-starter who is results-oriented with the ability to work independently. Email resumes to: [email protected]

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  • Web Conferencing Tips - Keep slides simple.
  • Webconferencing works best when slides are formatted with simple designs and a few consistent colors. Don't use full-screen photos in your slides -- these images will take too long to display for participants. Flat colors and simple graphics, when made "web ready" for your event, will display quickly on the screen.

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  • All prospects have the opportunity to try Web Conferencing for two weeks, with no obligation for FREE!
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