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Help Wanted - Major Account Managers

Web Conferencing Tips - Get off to a fast start.


$ Make the smart choice $

Make the smart choice. Many Endorser's are turning to THTWeb for their Audio and Web Conferencing opportunities to give their customers a better experience and save themselves time and $$$$ . See what others are doing. Make the smart choice, THTWeb.

Based on a $500 Revenue opportunity, what are your actual costs, income opportunity? See below.

  Nationally known Telecom THTWeb
Proposal Cost (time) $50 $0
Paperwork Cost (time) $200 $0
Total Cost $250 $0
Commission (over 2 years) $250 $1,200
Total Income $0 $1,200

Why give your customers a mediocre service when you can give them the best, THTWeb.


Welcome to "The Partner." We provide Endorser and Agent information, as well as, industy tips and news. If you have any tips, suggestions, articles, or letters please let me know.

Everyone has an "Integrated Product" shouldn't all sales people be integrated too?

Local, Long Distance, Internet, most of us sell multiple products, so doesn't it make sense for sales people to sell multiple companies? Sales professionals work hard to close two or three products, why not capture economies of scale to close 8-10 or 15. Tell us what you think?

Happy Selling!

Jeff Lutton
Vice-President, THTWeb
[email protected]

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  • Help Wanted - Major Account Managers
  • As a Major Account Manager, the focus is on business-to-business selling to new clients as well as upgrading existing clients. New revenue generation is key through consultative type selling to mid-large business customers. The ideal candidate must be a highly motivated self-starter who is results-oriented with the ability to work independently. Email resumes to: [email protected]

    Click here for more information
  • Web Conferencing Tips - Get off to a fast start.
  • Don't you hate it when you attend a presentation and the emcee takes forever to introduce the main speaker? That effect is amplified many times over in a live web event. Spend no more than two minutes to introduce your event and cover the features of your webconferencing system. Then get out of the way and let the main presenter start. This will give your event a fast-paced feel that will keep participants tuned in.

  • Two Free Weeks Web Conferencing
  • All prospects have the opportunity to try Web Conferencing for two weeks, with no obligation for FREE!
    Our Price: FREE

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