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Web conferencing keeps you on the same page


Featured Article

Recently, TownHall and Endorser Agent aka Sandra Dee (pictured above), former Senior Account Manager of a National Telecom Company had a chance to catch up. Here is what Sandra had to say:

Q. What do you think of the telecom industry these days? Telecom will make a comeback. There will never be hundreds of Clec's again but a few big players.

Q. What makes you a top rep in your company? As a former coworker and friend put it, "people like me."

Q. Why do you work with TownHall? They make it simple and easy.

Q. Any advice for other Account Managers out there? A mentor told me to always have alternative sources of income. TownHall is a great way to make easy cash.

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Welcome to THT's weekly eBulletin. We provide contest updates, Endorser and Agent interviews, as well as, industy tips and news. Enjoy, Jeff

  • Conferencing Tip of the Week
  • How do you conduct an international call without your participants having to pay international dialing rates? With TownHall's international platform, customers receive International Toll-Free Numbers from over 45 different countries allowing your international participants to dial-in toll-free.

  • Conferencing Industry News
  • The Internet is making it possible for small companies to go international. It is this trend toward globalization that is partly driving the growth of the Web-seminar marketplace. Another driving point is the rapid switch in the U.S. marketplace from an asset-based economy to a services-based economy.

    One of the hottest marketing trends for businesses across all industry lines involves using the power of the Internet to provide virtual meeting spaces. Web conferencing and Web-based seminars are quickly replacing traditional business travel and telephone conference-call strategies.

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  • Help Wanted - Major Account Managers
  • As a Major Account Manager, the focus is on business-to-business selling to new clients as well as upgrading existing clients. New revenue generation is key through consultative type selling to mid-large business customers. The ideal candidate must be a highly motivated self-starter who is results-oriented with the ability to work independently. Email resumes to: [email protected]

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  • Web conferencing keeps you on the same page
  • Reviewing documents by telephone can be an awkward, time-consuming experience where you fritter away much of the phone call describing what everyone should be viewing. A Web conference gives you an easy way to stop wasting your time.

    In addition to being able to share a common view, Web conferences offer a number of other features that take advantage of the Internet. This includes real-time user polls, online chat, and online white- board capabilities. Presenters do not need to be the only ones to lead the meeting. The host can also pass control of the meeting to attendees who can then choose to share their own documents.

    With a Web conference, you no longer have to worry about whether people are literally on the same page. Now, you can just focus on getting them to agree about that page.

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