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Web Conferencing tips from THTWeb


Featured Article

Recently, TownHall and Endorser Agent aka Dan Snyder (pictured above), Senior Account Manager of a National Telecom Company had a chance to catch up. Here is what Dan had to say:

Q. What do you think of the telecom industry these days? There is money to be made. Customer's are looking for more for less, IP will get us there. This industry is never boring.

Q. What makes you a top rep in your company? Hard work, persistance, taking care of clients and never burn bridges.

Q. Why do you work with TownHall? TownHall is a great partner to work with. They are straight shooters and trustworthy.

Q. Any advice for other Account Managers out there? This is not a 9-5 job, you must put in the effort. Never give up and don't be afraid to answer an angry customer's call.

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Another summer is winding down and football season is around the corner. Welcome to THT's weekly eBulletin. We provide contest updates, Endorser and Agent interviews, as well as, industy tips and news. Enjoy, Jeff

  • Conferencing Tip of the Week
  • Looking for a professional operator assisted call on a budget? Try TownHall's Operator Attendance Call. Customers recieve a dedicated operator to greet the attendees and note contact information. The operator's then turn the call over to the leader for the remainder of the call. If you need assistance during the call, an operator is available by hitting *0.

  • THT Endorser Contest
  • Look for a new contest starting in September!!

    Click here for rules and more details from this summer's contest
  • Help Wanted - Major Account Managers
  • As a Major Account Manager, the focus is on business-to-business selling to new clients as well as upgrading existing clients. New revenue generation is key through consultative type selling to mid-large business customers. The ideal candidate must be a highly motivated self-starter who is results-oriented with the ability to work independently. Email resumes to: [email protected]

    Click here for more information
  • Web Conferencing tips from THTWeb
  • Top 4 reasons why Sales people need web conferencing:

    1. Shorten the sales cycle - Have you ever spent two months trying to coordinate your Sales Engineer and the prospect's IT person?
    2. Proposal Collaboration - Marketing is in one location, SE's in another and you still have to hit this month's quota. Use the web to keep everyone on the same page.
    3. Better Customer Service - Do you really want to spend two hours (travel time, etc.) for a 10 minute meeting to walk the customer's accounting department through your bill?
    4. Remote Consultations - Instead of looking over a customer's shoulder, walk them through your web portal from your desk.

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  • All prospects during the month of August have the opportunity to try Web Conferencing for two weeks, with no obligation for FREE!
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