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How do I make records of my calls?

International Audio Conferencing: International Options

Expand your global reach with TownHall's International Conferencing Solutions. Select from four options to connect your international business partners to a U.S. conference call.

Stream your calls anywhere in the world for 12¢ a minute
THT Web Worldwide's Conference Complete product allows you to stream your audio/web conferene anywhere in the world in near-real time. You can also record your calls and play them back either over the web or the phone. Access costs apply for dial up.

International Toll-Free Service (ITFS)
With International Toll-Free Service, you can provide convenient, toll-free access to your calls for overseas clients and employees. The ITFS phone number uses the originating country's national numbering format, which means the toll-free number will vary by country. Using the toll-free number assigned during reservation, your participants simply dial in at the appropriate time to join the conference with the assistance of a U.S. TownHall Operator. ITFS can be combined with any features available to Operator Assisted conferencing.

Deal with time zone differences
THT Web Worldwide offers you the ability to record calls, store them electronically and then allow your international users the option to access the recording when convenient in their time zone. You will get a detailed report on call playback.

International Dial-Out
Give your international participants the VIP treatment by bringing your U.S. conference to them. You provide the participant's telephone numbers to a TownHall Operator, who joins them to the call at the designated time. Your international clients will be relieved of dialing pressures and impressed by the professional quality of your conference. International Dial-Out is available with either Operator Assisted or Reservationless-Plus audio services.

International Dial-In
A 'no frills' international solution. Everyone connects to your conference with the same local U.S. number each time you hold a conference. Your number never changes, and it's accessible anywhere in the world. With only one number to remember, International Dial-In is great for anyone who uses Operator Assisted or Reservationless-Plus audio services.

International Links
If your international business partners host their own conferences in addition to joining yours, International Links are ideal. An internationally-located TownHall Operator joins your participants to your U.S. conference. Your participants will always experience the comfort of dealing with a call center in their part of the world. Available on Operator Assisted audio conferencing only.

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