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It's hard to keep track of who's on our call because people are often "popping in" and "dropping off." It gets tiring to ask "Who just joined?" or "Who just left?" or "OK, who's on the call now?". Can you help?

Audio Conferencing: Reservationless Plus

TownHall's Reservationless-Plus service offers a variety of features to customize your conference, in addition to providing quick access to your call. Standard options include:
  • Record and Playback
  • Private Roll Call
  • Individual and Group Mute/Unmute
  • Conference Lock
  • Operator Assistance if needed
  • Dial-Out to Participants
Reservationless-Plus can be combined with web conferencing for a web- and audio-integrated experience that adds impact to your message, increases conference participation and puts you in control with the click of your mouse! Built-in features like scheduling, polling and slide presentations help you manage your time as well as your conference call.


For simple access to a Reservationless conference, Reservationless-Express is your solution. It's perfect when you need to host recurring meetings, supply competitive updates, and deliver late-breaking news. Standard options include:
  • Mute/Unmute
  • Conference Lock
  • Operator Assistance
When you need reliability… Call TownHall

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