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It's hard to keep track of who's on our call because people are often "popping in" and "dropping off." It gets tiring to ask "Who just joined?" or "Who just left?" or "OK, who's on the call now?". Can you help?

Audio Conferencing: Reservationless

You need to have the flexibility to conduct your calls at a moment's notice. TownHall offers an automated conferencing platform with over 24,000 available port capacity that is always available to handle your call. It's dependable, convenient - and here's how we make it simple:

  • Your dial-in number will always be the same.
  • Share Power Point slides while on your call (click for details).
  • Up to 10 people in your company can share the same dial-in number.
  • Use THT Web Worldwide's "Teleconferencing Center" to organize your calls and advise call participants via broadcast email, complete with dialing instructions and automatic reminder emails.
  • Your assigned conference number can be made to match your existing 10 digit phone number or cell number or even home number.
  • As a conference leader, you are given a 4 digit PIN to begin and control your calls.
  • You have on-line access that enables you to manage and customize your conference preferences.
  • Live operators are available on all calls by pressing "0".
  • You have the ability to record your call and stream it over the Internet.
  • Store your recorded calls on TownHall's streaming servers.
  • No time limits.
  • You have the ability to schedule a call online if you want the security of a reservation.
Additional Features

TownHall's Reservationless service offers a variety of features to customize your conference, in addition to providing quick access to your call. Standard options include:
  • Record and Playback
  • Private Roll Call
  • Individual and Group Mute/Unmute
  • Conference Lock
  • Operator Assistance if needed
  • Dial-Out to Participants
Reservationless can be combined with web conferencing for a web and audio-integrated experience that adds impact to your message, increases conference participation and puts you in control with the click of your mouse! Built-in features like scheduling, polling and slide presentations help you manage your time as well as your conference call.

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